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Dragonluck Boys


Dragonluck’s Willow Sprite CD (Sprite)
November 25, 1999

Sire: CH Kymin’s Lumber Jack JH WC (Forest )
Dam: Rideau’s Beck and Call CD CGN (Becka)

Sprite is our family pet. He has been able to keep his long ear hair since he never went to any conformation shows. Sprite is lively and loves to be around the family and is especially gentle with the children. He loves to fetch when no one else is around but loves more to tease the other dogs by keeping the stick or bumper all to himself. Sprite loves to swim and often races ahead to the pond and goes for a swim before everyone else.

He has seven siblings. Only two of his seven siblings are alive but they are doing well.

DragonLuck Kennels - Willow SpriteDragonluck’s Willow Sprite CD
DragonLuck Kennels - Willow SpriteDragonluck’s Willow Sprite CD


CH Dragonluck’s Jasper of Oaks WC (Jasper)
February 22, 2005

Sire: CH Tollwests Dances with Waves CD (Tango)
Dam: CH Pikkinokka’s Dragonluck Keera CD (Keera)

Jasper is our resident Clown and Stud dog. He has sired 4 litters all of whom are healthy and happy. See community webshots for pics of offspring. Jasper is very much like his mom and has his nose to the ground on most walks. He loves to swim and throws himself into the water “just because”.

Jasper loves people and most other dogs. He definitely looks for the girls but loves to run with the pack. He is currently working on his first obedience level and his second field level.

Jasper has 5 siblings: All alive and happily living with their families. One brother (River) is very active in agility and has many titles to his name.

CH Dragonluck's Jasper of Oaks WCCH Dragonluck's Jasper of Oaks WC
CH Dragonluck's Jasper of Oaks WCCH Dragonluck's Jasper of Oaks WC


Believe Oakcharmer Dragonluck Oakley

Introducing our newest dog. We call him Oakley and purchased him from Beleive Kennels. His Father is CH Javahill's I'm a B'liever WCX MH CD(USA)(REV) and his Mom is Beleive in a splash of MagicWC(Disney)

Born July 12,2014 the only boy of 6 he came to us as a potential next stud. He is training for conformation, obedience and field. His first outing into the conformation world was In November at the prestigeous Ottawa Kennel Club Show where he took Best in Show in Baby puppy (3 to 6 months old.) He is very birdy and already indications are that he will love playing the field game. Not to mention that he loves to be cuddled and is very handsome

Believe Oakcharmer Dragonluck OakleyBelieve Oakcharmer Dragonluck Oakley


Believe Oakcharmer - Oakley><span class=Oakley - Best Baby Puppy in Show, Nov. 2014.


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