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Dragonluck Girls


Our Foundation Girl No longer with us but Never to Be Forgotten

Rideau’s Beck and Call CDX CGN (Becka)
May 28,1994 - July 13,2007

Becka was one of 7 in what Jacquie and Colin labeled “the Obedience Litter”. She picked us and came home to start a wonderful dynasty. Although she hated loud noises and was never happy in the show ring she learned her obedience tricks and has the reputation of never having to be taught how to do the article exercises in Utility. She just knew what to do.

Besides being our introduction into Tollers and our wonderful companion she started us as breeders and will live on in her grand children and great grand children forever.

DragonLuck Kennels - BeckaBecka
DragonLuck Kennels - Rideau's Beck and Call CDX CGN - BeckaBecka


CH Dragonluck’s Magic Nutmeg CD
(Nutmeg or Meg)

January 31, 1998 - March 23, 2013

Nutmeg has continued the Becka’s line with 4 litters of great pups. One of her pups lives in Australia and has added to the Kirchoff Kennels gene pool.

Meggie was our first obsessive compulsive retriever and even today her first thought when visitors show up is to look for a ball, bumper or stick. Meg Continues to be the Alpha bitch,although there are times when the younger ones try to take over that role. She is starting to go gray but never slows down when we are throwing things.

Meg finished her Canadian Championship and a first level Obedience but could never get the hang of the Broad jump. She loved to do field, but would not have anything to do with ducks although she taught herself how to do double marks and can still find any hidden bumper.

Our Grandson grew up with Meg and she loved nothing better than to have Adam come and lie down with her.

She enjoys her life and likes nothing better than to be sitting in the living room with a ball between her front feet just in case you get the urge to throw something.

CH Dragonluck's Magic NutmegNutmeg
CH Dragonluck's Magic Nutmeg CDCH Dragonluck's Nutmeg


CH Pikkinokka’s Dragonluck Keera CD
May 10, 2002

Keera came to us from Kelowna B.C. She arrived on a plane at 8 weeks , little and very fair. We called her our west coast blonde. Keera sometimes lives up to the Blonde connotation but has matured with a lovely deep blonde coat.

Keera’s favourite thing to do is to run through the fields with her nose to the ground looking for dead and alive critters. I call her my hunter as she has found all manner of things from gross carcasses left from the coyotes to ground birds nest and a breakfast of eggs.

She loves to do Obedience and is the best heeler I have ever seen in practice. She tends to get too distracted in competition to do really well.

Our love bug, she lies on the couch with a large stuffed toy in her mouth and kneads the pillows with her front feet like a cat. She will stay there for hours.

Keera has had three litters, one a combined Keera and Becka lines with Becka’s son Boomer.

Keera is retired from motherhood and currently living with a family.

CH Pikkinokka's Dragonluck Keera CDKeera
CH Pikkinokka’s Dragonluck Keera CD><span class=Dragonluck's Keera



CH Dragonluck's Magic Ginger Spice CDX WC.

Ginger is Meg's daughter (one of the spice girls) and has many of Meg's characteristics. She is obsessed with retrieving and will go into the woods to break off tree limbs and bring them back to you so you have something to throw.

Ginger is the daughter of one of the most accomplished Tollers in Canada. Monty. She is also the granddaughter of another very accomplished Toller – Gambler. Both of these boys have handed her the wonderful dark red coat she carries

Ginger is very cuddly and is often seen in my lap having her belly scratched while she dozes. Smart and eager to please she also has a streak of independence that she seems to have passed on to her kids from her first litter.

Ginger was my first dog to achieve a title in field work and she has spoiled me as she instinctively worked well and although we had to develop a working relationship it meant many happy hours out in the field practicing.

Ginger is retired from motherhood and working on her utility title in obedience.

CH Dragonluck's Magic Ginger Spice CDX WCGinger
CH Dragonluck's Magic Ginger Spice CDX WC><span class=Dragonluck's Ginger



CH Kirchoff's Dancing Queen CD WCI
May 10, 2007

Dani is Meg's granddaughter from Dragonluck's Irresistible Rusty who lives in Sydney Australia.

Dani is a very brave girl who started her life adventures by getting on a plane at the age of 8 weeks and flying 17 hours to land in Vancouver just in time for the 2007 National specialty. She spent her first week with us in a hotel visiting all the Toller folk in BC. Then she flew home with us to Stittsville, none the worse for wear.

Dani fits right in with the Becka line as she too is an obsessive retriever and loves to chase anything. Dani is one of the gang and walks and runs with all the boarders and day care dogs. She loves to swim and will jump in sometimes even if nothing is thrown.

Dani has been working hard and now has 3 field titles. As well she finished up her Canadian Championship with a best of Breed at the prestigious Ottawa Kennel Show. Dani has her first title in Obedience (CD) and is working on her next level.

This little girl has lots of potential and is training for obedience and hunt test titles. Her first litter are all doing very well.

CH Kirchoff's Dancing Queen CD WCIDani
CH Kirchoff's Dancing Queen CD WCI><span class=Dragonluck's Dani



CH Dragonluck's Mystorry of Dani
Born March 25, 2011-11-23

Torry is Dani and Jasper's little girl. Pick of the five girls she has shown herself to be a obsessive retriever and a quick learner. Torry will be trained in obedience, agility and field and will be shown for her championship

CH Dragonluck's Mystorry of DaniTori
CH Dragonluck's Mystorry of Dani><span class=Dragonluck's Tori


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Introducing our newest girl.    
Manitou's Rising Star


Manitou's Rising StarZing





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