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What our clients are saying

"We bring our dog to day camp at Dragonluck Kennels once a week while we are at work, so that she can have a great day playing with her friends and running on off-leash walks in both the morning and afternoon.

We are confident that she loves her time at Dragonluck as she sprints the entire way up the walkway to the building when we drop her off, and happily settles into her kennel area.

My husband and I are so grateful for finding Dragonluck Kennels, as we feel that it has allowed us more freedom than we expected after adding a pet to our family.

Dropping your dog off at the kennel can be very stressful, and Dragonluck has made it stress free for us. I recommend Dragonluck Kennels to every dog owner that I know!"

Russetts Mom.

"I would like to thank you again for taking such good care of our boys. They always come back healthy and happy. Not sure what you were doing with Koda though because he packed on some serious muscle in the week and a half he was there. I guess he really enjoyed all the room to run around. Thanks again."

Dan Thibodeau

"As a puppy, our doberman Blitzkrieg lacked confidence around other dogs and people. This lack of confidence would manifest itself in excessive barking and growling whenever we brought him outside of our home. So in an attempt to help Blitz become more comfortable around strangers and other dogs, we started bringing him for overnight stays at Dragon Luck Kennel.

The transformation we have seen in Blitz since we started bringing him to Dragon Luck has been incredible! He now starts getting excited when he sees we're pulling into the driveway and the excitement doesn't stop all day long. Dawn, Anna and the rest of the staff at the kennel have them outside many times throughout the day and he is absolutely exhausted every time we come to pick him up!

Our dog is like a child to us and it's so nice to not have to worry about who we're leaving him with when we go away. He gets spoiled rotten by the staff and always seems so happy to be back with his pals!

I would definitely recommend this great kennel to you."

Fallon Bernard

"Key reasons for why I choose Dragonluck Kennels
(my apologies as it became a little long winded)

Off-leash walks in the morning and afternoon: When I was researching kennels I learned that it was pretty standard for kennels only to give dogs one 20-minute leashed walk a day, and charged for every additional 20 minutes. Our dog (Russett) is really active so I knew that wouldn't be even close to enough exercise for her. Dragonluck brings the dogs outside twice a day to play in the back acreage. There is even a pond out there, so Russett regularly comes home damp and happy.

They make sure your dog is happy: After the first time I left her for the day camp, when I arrived to pick her up I was given a run down of her day. I was told that she was pretty nervous so they just let her play in the downstairs room with a few of the calmer dogs instead of stressing her out by making her come outside on the off-leash walk. I was really happy to hear that they noticed that she wasn't handling the new situation very well, and didn't force her to fall in line. They adjusted her play time to accommodate for her nervousness, until she gained confidence. She is now a regular as we decided to keep bringing her to the day camp at least once or twice a week. She comes home happy and exhausted after running and playing with the other dogs. Now when we have to leave her for several days, we feel confident that she is happy and active. She literally runs into the kennel run without a backward glance at me, as she is already too busy sniffing at the other dogs.

They make sure you are happy: I was worried about leaving her for her first kennel stay which was to last several days. While we were gone, Dawn graciously emailed me back several times with an update on how Russett was doing. In the midweek update I was extremely relieved to learn that she had settled in with the crowd and was definitely joining in on the off-leash walks and playing with the other dogs! It really helped me to relax and stop worrying about her.

I hope this helps you with your decision making! "



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