While your away, your dog will be safe and having lots of fun around the Dragonluck property. 

At Dragonluck Kennels we provide our doggie visitors with a “camp” experience. Clients say ”Their doggies can’t wait to get back and actually start getting excited as they drive closer to the property.” Your dog can enjoy interactive playtime, bedtime treats, outdoor fun, off leash walks, personalized individual sleeping spaces and more when they stay with us!

Our Kennels

Our kennels are attached directly to our home. We offer two different spaces where traditional spacious runs, adjustable x-pens and x-large crates are available for sleeping. Each dog will have warm, cozy, clean blankets to sleep on. The kennel space is temperature controlled with heating under the floor in the main space and a/c in the warm months.

We take cleaning seriously and daily routines include cleaning of sleeping spaces, outdoor runs and play yards and all other areas in the kennels. We use natural products that have no effects on the dogs. We use our own stainless steel dishes so we can clean them on high temperatures.

We have recently opened an indoor play area(The Dragon Hut) where smaller dogs and those not used to kennels can spend their play time. Kennels have large outdoor spaces accessible from the indoors.

Our maximum capacity including those who bring their own rooms(crates) is 40. Peak periods may require a months advance booking.

Our Property

Thirty acres of fenced in fields are available for off leash walks and there is a large pond for those who like to swim. Play areas are tree shaded and have a view of the back yard and the walking fields. 

The thirty acres is completed fenced and Staff use practice recalls to keep track of all the dogs. We will sometimes use bells so we can keep track of those those who might think about exploring beyond our vision.


All dogs bring their own food and therefore continue to eat their own diet. We can accommodate all types of diet including Raw. We also can administer medication if required.

Health & Safety

For the safety of all the dogs we respect what you and your Vet have decided is appropriate for your dogs’ health. Therefore we do not have any mandatory vaccines but ask owners to realize that colds and stomach flu can be picked up in any setting where dogs congregate including dog parks and we will do our best to ensure that your dog remains healthy during their stay. We are all certified in Pet First aid and use some natural remedies such as pureed pumpkin and slippery elm for those nervous upset stomachs.

Special care can be provided for young puppies and older dogs, who are often given quiet, separate spaces with lots of comfortable blankets.

Dragonluck kennels uses only natural cleaning products and non-chlorine bleach to maintain a clean healthy environment.

Runs are all gravel and grass and the concrete floors are cushioned with individual beds or blankets supplied by us. The heating is under the floors so the concrete is very comfortable in the colder seasons. The main kennel is air conditioned in the hottest seasons and each run/crate has a bucket of fresh water available at all times.


Boarding is $35/dog per calendar day + our HST which is 13%.

Two dogs boarding is $64 + TAX.

We do not do packages or deposits (a deposit policy is in place for peak holidays such as March Break and Christmas/New Years). Payment is by cash, check or etransfer. No debit or credit cards.. 


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