Some new skills for you and your dog. 

Here at Dragonluck we want you to be happy with your dog’s behaviours and we want your dog to be crystal clear about his manners and what is expected of him. We offer one to one classes to help build a strong foundation of good behaviours and change the directions on the unwanted beaviours.

We will work with your schedule to provide sessions to meet both yours and the dogs needs for clarity of expectations and attainable results.

Pet First Aid

Under the WalksN’Wags banner we offer these day long trainings quarterly. Learn how to handle emergencies and determine what is an emergency. Become familiar with preventative strategies and working with your dog or cat. 

Session includes, Preventing Accidents, Recognizing illness, caring for animals in emergencies, Bandaging, Poison control, Dealing with Parasites and much more. Bring your own dog or cat to practice on.

Field Training

For those who want their sporting dog to reach his full potential as a hunting companion or attempting the Canadian Kennel Club tests and trials. 

Starting early in spring there will be a group class.

Private classes for puppies and for older dogs who need help with a specific aspect of the field skills ae offered year around.


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